Hardcore Universe is a new type of gameplay which gives a chance to every player to shine. Every month, Hardcore is resetted in Planets, reducing to half your researches, but keeping officiers and DM. At the end of the month players are rewarded with bonuses depending of their position, and there's a in-game prizepool to fight for.

If you played in Hardcore before and you did not come after reset, you do not need to register again.
Hello. This is the update 1.16.12 of Onova

This update includes major changes on game backend, and players should read this message.

The current universe will be called Standard, because it's a permanent universe where every player can play, so we've opened Hardcore Universe.

The Hardcore universe is temporary, lasts for a month, and when it ends to reset for next month, content are transfered to Standard (permanent universe).

Make sure when Hardcore registrations are open, you use the same email as you use in Standard, so when Hardcore ends, to transfer planets to your account. You can enchange Dark Matter between your accounts, but for that, make sure your email match with the Standard account, just like to transfer planets. If you're a new player in Onova and decided to take a fresh start in Hardcore, it will be your full account transfered to Standard when Hardcore ends.

Best regards.
Not all changes are listed yet, this post will be updated as soon we keep updating the game. All players have been credited with 30.000 units of Dark Matter.

Patch and Corrections:
• Fixed an argument error in Spanish fleet language
• Fixed a bug where bonus expedition (for example, Monarchy) was not counting properly in Fleet Page.
• Fixed a bug on Resource Expedition Mission not receiving more resources based on Hyperspace Technology level.
• Fixed a bug on colonies where post-trade the resources could take time to refresh due to cache issues in browsers that are not Mozilla Firefox.

Balance and Updates
• Premium now gives plus 2 fleet slots and 1 expedition slot
• Jump gate reduces 2 minutes of jump time per level. So in level 10, Jumpgate will take 40 minutes to recharge
• Fleet statistics are enabled now

Backend Changes
• Asteroid Conquer mission being prepared for the game, not yet released
• A large database of Onova to be played on Developer Version (probably released tonight)

Best Regards,
After the reset of Onova, today was deployed a new patch

New! Resource Extraction mission - On Resource Extraction, you select your own moon to be on station for one hour. After that hour, your ship will return with resources.

To get bonus resources, you have to be a new player, a low ranked player or increase your Hyperspace Technology research.

• Fix: Issue with Debris Tutorial Mission.
• Fix: Missing buttons for certain players on Galaxy.

Preparation for the following add-ons:
• Asteroid Radar
• Gate Harvester
• Planet Wrap
• Auctions

Also we've added the removal of fleet and defense points from statistics.

Best regards,